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Independence Foxhounds Announce The End of Their Hunt Club

On February 10, the Masters of Independence Foxhounds announced that they were closing the hunt club. The three Masters are John Dorrier, Jr., Candida Scott, and David Rowe. Candida Scott, also the huntsman, released the following statement.
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Two hunstmen in red coats, on horses with a pack of hounds

The Wicklow Foxhounds meet at Coolgreany County Wicklow

The world-famous Cooley Farm Irish Draughts hunted with the Wicklow Foxhounds in Coolgreany this past month.
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Woman in hunt attire riding horse and leading pack of hounds through snow with mountains

Better Living Through Titanium Road Trip, Part One

In February 2024, I decided to take a road trip to hunt my way across the US and back after finally being cleared to ride again after having my spine reconstructed.
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Line of hunt horses and riders with mountain in background

Foxhunters, Mustangs, and Pony Clubbers in The Biggest Little City In The World

This January, the United States Pony Club, celebrating its 70th anniversary, held its annual convention in Reno, Nevada.
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New Website Platform

Thank you for your continued support of Foxhunting Life. As of today (Feb. 3, 2024) we have updated our website to a new platform. As part of this update, we are consolidating our membership options to make things simpler and provide more value to all.

Subscription Changes:
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man galloping on horse with young rider galloping on horse behind

2023 Christmas Keswick Hunt Club Junior Day Hunt

So many things to say about this cracking rider, Shep Turner. He had the honor to hunt in the back pocket of Keswick’s professional huntsman, Paul Wilson. And boy did he keep up! Check out this video by Keswick member, Britta Cruz. Turn up the volume to hear the thunder of hooves!
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hounds and horses with riders standing for photo

The 2014 Tennessee Hunt Week And Remembering The Late Albert Menefee III

This amazing week of hunting in Middle Tennessee that happened nine years ago was recently on my mind after I read the hunt report from Longreen Foxhounds’ sixty-sixth Opening Meet. And I can't think of those Tennessee joint meets without thinking of the late Albert Menefee III. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane and keep a sharp eye out for the flying coyote!
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historic white home with porches and columns, red roof

Fall Glory with Longreen Foxhounds

Here are two hunt reports from Harriet McFadden, a member of the Longreen Foxhounds. The kennels are located just outside of Memphis in Tennessee, but all the fixtures are located in Mississippi. I have had the pleasure of hunting with Longreen and Susan Walker, MFH and Huntsman. Her Penn-Marydel foxhounds are some of the finest in the country. Enjoy!
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