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Fox and Terrier Are Best Friends

terrier-fox pals

As in Disney’s movie, The Fox And The Hound, a Patterdale-Lakeland terrier cross and a fox cub have become the best of friends.

The fox, called Rosie, was the lone survivor of her litter after the father killed the other cubs. She was rescued—eyes not yet open—hand reared, then taken in by Richard Bowler in North Wales at the age of fifteen weeks. Although he didn’t expect his terrier, Maddie—a type bred for foxhunting—to welcome the new addition, he was surprised to see them become playmates.

Bowler has been impressed by the speed at which Rosie learns—faster than Maddie did—and, while their play is supervised because of her age, the results are “fun and games and destruction.”

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Posted July 28, 2013