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Hunt Attire: An Evolving Mode of Dress

Matthew Klein

Responses to a recent question on correct hunting attire for an honorary whipper-in provoked orthodox viewpoints from our Panel of Experts and some unorthodox comments. FHL is always happy to publish thoughtful commentary from our readers. Here’s one from Matthew Klein: foxhunter, professional photographer, and self-confessed contrarian.

As an orthodox iconoclast, I take exception to the notion of "proper attire." Proper, or "correct" being something different from standards of cleanliness, durability, utility, etc.

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Glossary of Foxhunting Terms

Foxhunting is an old sport replete with arcane terms and baffling expressions. Here are definitions for many. Foxhunting Life welcomes your comments and any suggested improvements or additions:
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Hunting Attire, Tack, and Appointments

Foxhunting Life’s guide to correct hunting attire has been prepared with reference to several sources: Foxhunting in North America by Alexander Mackay-Smith, 1985; Guidebook 1997, a publication of the Masters of Foxhounds Association of North America; Riding to Hounds in America by William P. Wadsworth, MFH (first published in 1959 and subsequently in 1962 by The Chronicle of the Horse and reprinted many times); Miller’s Catalog, 1974; and Horse Country catalog, 1997.

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Calls on the Horn

horncallsWhen you hear your huntsman's horn, do you know what he's telling his hounds, his staff, and you as a member of the field? In this FHL video presentation, huntsman John Tabachka blows eight calls on his hunting horn—moving off, doubling, heel, gone away, gone to ground, calling the whipper-in, the kill, and going home—and explains why and when during the course of a hunt these calls are used.

John Tabachka is huntsman for the Deep Run Hunt (VA) and a two-time winner of the National Horn Blowing Championship held at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg.

This video is also available for sale in DVD format in our Shop.

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