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Call for Art

NormanI’m anxious to develop FHL’s coverage of sporting art still further, and to that end FHL invites artists to send us a selection of their images along with a brief description of their artistic background, their achievements, goals, and what they try to communicate in their work. Artists, please educate us so that we may better appreciate your work and that of your fellow artists.

We will publish your message, and we will post a slide show of your paintings or sculptures along with a link to your website. You need not be an advertiser on this site. If we like your work, we will showcase it for the benefit and appreciation of our subscribers.

We will seek out artists we know and repeat this invitation. However, please don’t wait to be contacted. We’ve all heard the familiar quote, “Don’t call us; we’ll call you.” Well, turn that one over. We invite you to call us before we call you!
September 26, 2010