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Blue Birdseye Stock Ties: They’re Back!

70Karen Ewbank is ready for cubhunting in her blue birdseye stock tie.

Back in early May we ran a story titled “The Blue Birdseye Stock Tie: A Smashing Style from the Past.” The story, about a little-known, mostly forgotten, yet very attractive and traditional item of foxhunting attire, turned out to be our best-read story of the entire spring season!

We thought it would be fun to bring the blue birdseye stock tie back into the hunting fields of the twenty-first century, and many of you agreed. So we researched the fabric, purchased a few yards, and launched its rebirth at the Virginia Foxhound Show at the end of May. It was a hit!

Here then, is a reminder: our informal season is only weeks away. If you’d like to start the season sporting one of your own, click here!

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