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Better Living Through Titanium Road Trip, Part Five

The fifth stop on a road trip across the country to hunt with as many packs as my new titanium would allow was in Virginia.

…Hunt Reports

Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds 2024 Vixen Hunt

“Flight of the Valkyries” was an appropriate soundtrack for Mr. Stewart’s Vixen Hunt held in Pennsylvania and lead by Olympian Boyd Martin.


Photography I: Shooting Foxhounds at the Hound Show

Norman Fine’s 2019 article gives great advice on photographing hounds at the hound show.

…Our Hunting World

A Kiwi Hunting Adventure

Kristy Lathrop recounts her adventure hunting hare and jumping wire with New Zealand’s Eastern Southland Hunt.


Charles William Lewis, Sr., 1940-2024

Sadly, one of the most charming and colorful Masters of the Belle Meade Hunt in Georgia passed away.


Coyote Serenades in the High Desert

A wonderful video of a desert coyote voicing his opinions with hounds in the newly built kennels for Sierra Nevada Hounds in Nevada.