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hounds running toward camera after jumping stone wall

The 411 on Working Foxhounds to Non-Hunting Neighbors

Photo Credit RuthWorks Photography.
*I wrote this a few years ago to be helpful to my neighborhood of non-foxhunters. Hopefully more will find it useful to educate new landowners or neighbors to kennels.
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Reid Albano in the 2023 Mongol Derby riding a spooky paint. Photo Credit Kathy Gabriel.

A Disabled Veteran Completes the Mongol Derby

Reid Albano is retired from the military (Army Captain, Ranger, paratrooper, and amputee) and has been foxhunting on and off since he was a child. He is currently a member of Santa Fe West Hills Hunt in Southern California as a Whipper-In. His list of accomplishments is impressive, but the most inspirational of them all is being the first disabled rider to complete what is considered the world’s toughest and longest horse race, the Mongol Derby.
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white horse braided mane in foreground foxhunters in background


Photo by Gretchen Pelham
Thank you all for your patience this summer while I recovered from surgery. My main motivation for surgery was to get back in the hunt field again, either in the saddle or as a road whip. As I was unable to sit down for almost a year, neither of those options was open to me to continue in the hunt field.
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A Funny Thing Happened

A Funny Thing Happened

A Funny Thing Happened"A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Fox Den", by J. Harris Anderson.

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Gordy Keys

Gordon Chandler Keys (1933-2023)

Gordy KeysGordie Keys (on the right) hunting with Piedmont Fox Hounds in 1991.  Photo by Douglas Lees.

Gordy Keys died last week in Middleburg, Virginia. This was a huge loss for the hunting and racing community in Virginia.

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Llama Drama Hill

Dead Cat Corner

Llama Drama HillLlama Drama Hill at Tennessee Valley Hunt's Opening Meet in 2011. Photo by Gretchen Pelham.

When I lived in Middle Tennessee in between the grand metropolis (*sarcastic) of Fly and the trendy town (*actually true) of Leipers Fork, I would give directions to my home that went, "When you see the yella dawg, turn left.” Because there was always this yellow dog laying right in the middle of the street at the required turn. Every day. Rain or shine. That yella dawg - er yellow dog - kept vigil on his post for years.

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Kurt dedication Photo by Clare B

Wateree Hounds Celebrating Friends

Kurt dedication Photo by Clare BWateree Hounds dedication plaque on their new kennel expansion. Photo by Clare Buchanan.

The Wateree Hounds in South Carolina dedicated their kennel expansion to celebrate family, friendship, and the fox hunting tradition.

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Podcast TVH hounds

British Podcast on the Joys and Impact of Foxhunting

Podcast TVH houndsPhoto by Gretchen Pelham.

“On Hunting” is a new podcast out of England where, as we know, mounted foxhunting with hounds has been banned since 2004. Its aim is to change the public’s perception of hunting in an effort to save it. The reasons behind the ban on traditional fox hunting are not based on fact, nor are they in the interest of animal welfare whatsoever, but rather on animal rights groups who have convinced virtue-signaling politicians to take up their cause for money, votes, and power. There is a huge difference between animal welfare and animal rights, as is explained in some episodes.

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CMontgomery Mells Masters

Charles Montgomery was Awarded the 2023 Ian Milne Award

CMontgomery Mells MastersMells Fox Hounds Joint Masters at the 2023 Virginia Hound Show on the lawn of Morven Park. Pictured (L-R) Bill Haggard, Charles Montgomery, Theresa Menefee, and Gerald Robeson. Not pictured: Stasia Bachrach. Photo by Boo Montgomery.

Periodically, the Ian Milne Award is presented by the Master of Foxhounds Association to active huntsmen who are of sound character and who have made lasting contributions to the sport of foxhunting. Recipients of the award have learned their craft through long service in the field and in the kennels, and who uphold a high standard within the sport.

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