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grey horse with rider in red coat with hunt horn and whip

Hunting with Dogs Act in Scotland

On October 3, 2023, Scotland’s “Hunting With Dogs Bill” came into effect. The Bill was passed this January to ban all trail chasing (called a drag hunt in the U.S.) and any hunting with more than two hounds without a special license. This Bill replaces the Protection of Wild Mammals Act that has been in effect in Scotland since 2002. That Act allowed the hunting of foxes to protect livestock and ground-nesting birds or to prevent the spread of disease. The new Bill will affect eight foxhunt clubs and one mink hunt club located in Scotland. Two hunt clubs in Scotland now use bloodhounds as of this season to chase a group of runners (called “clean boot”) and should be unaffected by the Bill.
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huntsman looking over shoulder on white horse with hounds approaching large river

De La Brooke Foxhounds at the Potomac River

Karenan Smart took a fun photo of the De La Brooke Foxhounds visiting the Potomac River at a recent meet this November.
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huntsman and riders in red coats with hounds at the dublin horse show ring

Michael Dempsey MFH Appreciation

Michael Dempsey MFH, a household name in hunting circles all over the world, sadly passed away last week at age 98, in the loving care of his son Tom and his wife Mairead. He hunted the Galway Blazers for 20 seasons and was Joint Master for 40 seasons. His son Tom followed as huntsman for another 20 seasons. Michael also hunted Lady Molly Cusack-Smith’s Bermingham & North Galway Hounds and the East Galway Hounds, which possibly made him the only huntsman to hunt all of the County Galway foxhound packs.
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Painting of huntsman and hounds crossing rocky creek sunset in background

11th Annual Sporting Art Auction at Keeneland

The Eleventh annual Sporting Art Auction at the Keeneland Sales Pavilion in Lexington, Kentucky, was held last fall. The event was a cooperative venture between the world’s largest Thoroughbred auction house and its Lexington, Kentucky neighbor, Cross Gate Gallery, a leading dealer in the world’s finest sporting art.
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Hounds in row between corn with horses and riders following

Kansas Hunt Week

September 25-30, 2023
Imagine riding in the vast prairie lands of the Flint Hills where you can see for miles, watching hounds go flat out in full cry after a coyote. It’s an absolute adrenaline rush. Add to the prairie dry conditions, a steady breeze, a blazing sun, colorful wildflowers, migrating Monarch butterflies, and large flying grasshoppers with a few discernable landmarks to guide you. And your favorite foxhunting friends from sixteen different hunts, and you have the best week ever!
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hounds in pond with stone wall in backgrounds and huntsman and whipper in on horseback watching

Norfolk Hunt’s 2023 Opening Meet by RuthWorks Photography

What a gorgeous place in Sherborn, Massachusetts for the location of the Norfolk Hunt’s 2023 Opening Meet. Ruth Baltopoulos was the photographer who was there for the colors and living history on parade at the Charlescote Farm Meet. Author Gretchen Pelham View all posts
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Huntsman Sam Clifton with his wife Shannon and son William. Photo by Alaine Papert.

Let’s Go Foxhunting!

Photo by Alaine Papert.
It began with an early wakeup call but the Juniors were eager. Ponies need to be cleaned, stock ties tied, and girths tightened. It was only a matter of time until the courtyard of Colonial Stables in Ligonier, Pennsylvania would be invaded by nearly thirty Juniors who had come to give foxhunting a try with Rolling Rock Hunt. Juniors from Rolling Rock Hunt Pony Club, Ligonier Polo Association, and surrounding lesson stables joined Rolling Rock Hunt for their annual Junior Meet. Sam Clifton, professional huntsman, and Shannon, professional whipper-in, for Rolling Rock Hunt included their son, William. And what a hat!
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hounds running toward camera after jumping stone wall

The 411 on Working Foxhounds to Non-Hunting Neighbors

Photo Credit RuthWorks Photography.
*I wrote this a few years ago to be helpful to my neighborhood of non-foxhunters. Hopefully more will find it useful to educate new landowners or neighbors to kennels.
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Reid Albano in the 2023 Mongol Derby riding a spooky paint. Photo Credit Kathy Gabriel.

A Disabled Veteran Completes the Mongol Derby

Reid Albano is retired from the military (Army Captain, Ranger, paratrooper, and amputee) and has been foxhunting on and off since he was a child. He is currently a member of Santa Fe West Hills Hunt in Southern California as a Whipper-In. His list of accomplishments is impressive, but the most inspirational of them all is being the first disabled rider to complete what is considered the world’s toughest and longest horse race, the Mongol Derby.
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