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Independence Foxhounds Announce The End of Their Hunt Club

On February 10, the Masters of Independence Foxhounds announced that they were closing the hunt club. The three Masters are John Dorrier, Jr., Candida Scott, and David Rowe. Candida Scott, also the huntsman, released the following statement.

“After 20 seasons, Independence Foxhounds has come to the end of hunting. It’s sad to think of no more hunting, but I feel like this is the right time to end.

Our remaining hounds are of an age where they are going to be too old and not enough of them left to hunt, come next season. At this point, a new generation of pups requires a new generation of people. So, the hounds are hanging up their tracking collars to enjoy their retirement and daily walks.

I want to thank everyone who has come and joined us over the years, whether just once, multiple times, or for twenty seasons. A hunt is not something one person can do alone; it’s like a family. Many of you played an active and supportive role, without which we couldn’t have hunted, and I am grateful. As the hunt family organically changed through the season, every person who came out brought color and richness to the hunt.

So thank you for being there for the hounds and me.

Goodnight, from Independence Foxhounds.”

Established in 2004, the Independence Foxhounds is based in Burton, Texas. Their hounds are crossbreds.