with Horse and Hound

Cambridge University Draghounds (UK)

cudh-limepits-46-2Jack Day, Joint-MFH flies a Leicestershire hedge

A number of universities in England maintain a pack of foxhounds or beagles hunted on horseback or afoot. Students often comprise the staff—Master, huntsman, whippers-in—and this tradition has provided a start for some of the most successful and brilliant Masters and huntsmen that England has produced—Ronnie Wallace for just one.

At Cambridge University a pack of foxhounds are maintained that hunt a drag laid by student volunteers normally from the cross country track team. Hounds usually complete three or four "lines" during a day's hunting, which might take two to three hours.

At Cambridge, not only undergraduate students serve as Masters but adults who have no connection with the University serve as well. The huntsman is Matt Gingell, a local farmer.

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