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On Puppy Walking

Foxhound whelps—tiny creatures that in a few short years will be the very ones we rely on for our sport—are making their entrance into our world as we slide into the tailing end of the season. Hunt members and hunt supporters—"puppy walkers"—will be taking the lucky ones from the kennels to their own homes and farms to start the puppies' education in a free and pleasant environment.

167620_1829688224939_1322364428_32132748_2231988_n1_2Puppy walker Heather Kuenzi wants to do her best for her huntsman and her puppies. She writes:

"I was recently asked by our huntsman to bring two puppies (Penn-Marydel bloodlines) to our farm for the winter and walk them out! Any words of wisdom, or training tips for when I'm out walking the fields with them? I'm curious to know if hounds are simply born "biddable" or if there are things I can do to work on developing those traits. I'd like to continue to walk puppies for our hunt with future pups and am working hard on returning them as honest members of the pack! I also have a half-foxhound house dog who is also enjoying "helping" me with raising them!

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