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Virginia Point-to-Point Association Seeks Donations

Don Yovanovich, president of the Virginia Point-to-Point Association has proposed the establishment of an Annual Giving Fund. In a letter to hunt supporters, Yovanovich explains that for a variety of reasons, the hunt point-to-points are threatened to the extent that the Virginia season is now reduced to eight race meetings, down from fourteen not long ago.

As reasons, Yovanovich cites a decrease in participation, overlapping meets scheduled by the National Steeplechase Association, and increased training expenses. However, the main difficulty lies in lost revenue he says.

Despite the fact that the Association now covers some of the heavy expenses—rental of fences, horse ambulance, and video and finish line cameras—if costs aren’t fully offset by revenues, hunts are billed by the Association for their portion of the shortfall. Hunts are often unable to discharge this obligation, and some hunts have given up altogether, citing the effort and expenses involved.

Yovanovich hopes that, as the point-to-point season approaches, and sportsmen and woman once again look forward to attending the races and tailgating with friends, they will open their wallets to help protect this colorful and important part of our sporting year.

“The Virginia Point-to-Point season is one of a kind,” writes Yovanovich. “It is the envy of other states. It is a significant part of our history, our culture, and our future….To let the sport perish would be a real tragedy.”

As a goal, the Association seeks to achieve one hundred percent participation from the individual members of every hunt. Yovanovich characterizes these donations as the life blood of the sport going forward. Contributions may be mailed to the Virginia Point-to-Point Association, Inc., Don Yovanovich, President, PO Box 1877, Middleburg, VA 20118. Contributors should include their hunt affiliation.

Posted February 24, 2014