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University Students Promote Foxhunting

A group of students—foxhunting enthusiasts—at Greater Exeter University in the UK decided to introduce their non-hunting friends to the sport.

They elected an MFH, appointed one of their members to be the fox, and fixed the time and place of the meet at one side of the campus. Any student with a bicycle was encouraged to join the hunt. After a short speech on hunting etiquette, the fox was off and the chase was on.

“With much holloaing, tally-hoing, and some questionable tunes from my hunting horn, we followed him round campus and caught him just outside our favourite pub,” explained Tobias Lawes, the group’s “MFH.”

The group plans to organize an Urban Country Sports Society, with donations going to the Countryside Alliance. Click for more details in Amy Mathieson’s article in Horse and Hound magazine.

Posted February 25, 2013