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UK Huntsman First to Garner Two Convictions Under the Hunting Act

Huntsman Richard Down of the Quantock Hills staghounds has been convicted for a second time under the Hunting Act. He was convicted for hunting a wild mammal with more than two dogs. Down had three.

Down’s first conviction was in 2007 when he was found guilty of chasing deer with hounds. In the five years since the Act came into effect, only four individuals have been convicted for hunting.

Down’s latest conviction was based on video footage shot by The League Against Cruel Sports. Down claimed in his defense that he was looking for the stag, and more than two hounds are allowed for that phase of the hunt. Down, an experienced huntsman for twenty-one years, claimed that once the stag was found, he could not stop the hounds. The judge decided that Down could have called them back and fined him 2,920 pounds.

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