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Social Media Brings Out New Foxhunters in England

Many hunts in England that have used FaceBook to recruit first-time foxhunters have reported a doubling of interest compared to last year, according to a report in The Guardian by Fiona Harvey.

More than one hundred people showed up for opening meet with the  Surrey Union Foxhounds, about seventy-five percent of whom were newcomers according to a spokeswoman for the hunt. “It’s been unbelievably successful,” she said. “We had notices locally, but mostly it was through social media.”

Mark Ferguson of the Woodland Pytchley in Northamptonshire said, “Facebook has made a huge difference. It is so much easier, we can get to more and more people.”

Youngsters seem to be making up a large portion of the new foxhunters. The Countryside Alliance estimates that at least 45,000 people will take to the field for opening meets this season, up about twenty-five percent from the numbers prior to enactment of the 2004 Hunting Act ban.

While there has been talk about the possibility of relaxing some of the restrictions under the Hunting Act, no move has yet been made in Parliament by Prime Minister David Cameron to bring the suggested changes to a vote.

Posted November 22, 2013