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Radnor Huntsman John Dean Breaks Leg

john dean2.daria killingerRadnor huntsman Johnny Dean / Daria Killinger photoTuesday, March 17, 2015, Radnor huntsman John “Johnny” Dean III slipped at the mounting block just prior to moving off with hounds from the kennel, and suffered a broken leg.

Stevie Hayes, former huntsman of the Bellwood Hunt and occasional whipper-in at Radnor, saved the day’s hunting by stepping in for Dean. Hayes is well-known in hunting and showing circles in the area. Sherry Robertson reported that Hayes was amazed at how well hounds hunted for him on a moment’s notice, and praised Dean for the wonderful job he’s done to allow someone else to pick up the pack and go hunting.

Johnny Dean is the third generation in his family to be huntsman for the Radnor Hunt (PA). Before taking up the horn at the beginning of the season, Dean had been first whipper-in for two seasons.  

“[Dean’s] grandfather, Bob “Reds” Wilson, was huntsman in the 1980s,” said Collin McNeil, MFH. “Johnny’s dad, also John Dean, helped us out for the 2013-14 season when Joe Cassidy was sick. Johnny has been renewed for the huntsman position for next year. He has done a remarkable job with the hounds and has shown us very good sport. Johnny’s son, Sonny Dean—a fourth-generation Dean—is whipping-in, and will be attending the MFHA Professional Development program this summer.”

Dean was scheduled for surgery the following day at Paoli Hospital in Pennsylvania.

Posted March 20, 2015