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New Foxhunting Website Launched in England

James Barclay, ex-MFH, whose elegant prose has appeared (and will continue to appear) in Foxhunting Life, has launched a new subscription website titled, “For the Love of Hunting England.

The new portal promises to be full of news, information, and features about hunting in Great Britain and further afield.

James, whose family has been deeply involved in foxhunting for many generations and who has been a Master of several packs of hounds, including the Cottesmore, Fitzwilliam, Grove and Rufford, and Essex and Suffolk, said, “I hope that this new website will be of interest to hunting people all over the world, but I decided to call it For the Love of Hunting England because it is in Old England that the sport as we know it has its roots.”

The site will be a portal for James’ passion for and knowledge of hounds across Britain, and the breadth of his interest in hunting and the personalities involved.

The annual subscription fee will be £15. A special price of £12.99 is available for subscriptions purchased before Christmas. Visit the website for more information.

Posted September 1, 2013