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Missing Live Oak Hounds: Update

The Masters of the Live Oak Hounds very much appreciate the concern of the foxhunting community and the efforts of many in trying to recover the two young foxhounds that went missing from the Virginia Foxhound Show at Morven Park. The good news is that, although they have separated, each has been seen recently. Daphne Wood, MFH sent us the following update as of June 4:

“I just spoke to Spencer Allen [huntsman, Piedmont Fox Hounds]. He got within ten feet of  Charter today. He said he was one hundred percent sure it was him. (The picture he has of Charter from the Southern Hound Show is a closeup).

Several others have also seen him [in Middleburg], but understandably he is thoroughly terrified because he has made it all the way to Zulla Road and is hanging around between the tennis club and Ardarra Farm. Maybe he can be enticed into the trap we borrowed from the Loudon County Animal shelter.

Perfect has recently been seen still at Morven Park near the pond in front of the mansion. Kevin Palmer [former huntsman, Fairfax Hunt] has been wonderful trying to get Perfect.

We are putting up a trail camera above a feeding area in hopes of confirming her recent sighting. As we only have the one trap, hopefully Charter will get caught soon so we can take the trap back to Morven Park.”

Posted June 4, 2014