with Horse and Hound

Hound Hunting Bill Passes California Assembly

A bill that will ban the hunting of bear and bobcat with hounds (SB1221) was passed by the California State Assembly on August 22, 2012. Because it was amended in the Assembly, it must be passed again by the State Senate, after which it will go to the Governor for signature.

SB1221 passed the Senate by only two votes in May as California foxhunters and other sportsmen and women made themselves heard. The next vote could come at any time, and opponents of the bill are urged to call their senators. To find your senator, go to the USSA Legislative Action Center.

Hunting proponents argue that there is a healthy population of both species, and hunting with hounds is a humane way to take them cleanly with rifles when at bay. Further, it is estimated that passage of the bill will result in a fiscal impact to the state of nearly one million dollars. Sportsmen also argue that similar bills passed in other states have resulted in population increases of game to troublesome levels.

Read more details in the USSA’s Sportsmen’s Daily.

Posted August 23, 2012