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Headwaters Hounds’ Neighbors Say Nix to Foxhounds

Neighbors of the Headwaters Hounds (CO) have filed both civil and criminal complaints against Dr. Alison Brown, MFH of the Headwaters Hounds, objecting to the kennel noise. Brown claims that her foxhound breeding operation is protected by the local Right to Farm and Ranch ordinances.

Brown kennels about thirty foxhounds, one third of which are in retirement and are “living out their days in sanctuary.” Headwaters Hounds was established in their present location in 2014; the complainants moved nearby in 2016. The area is zoned for rural use.

A member of the Right to Farm and Ranch board, who helped write the ordinance said, “People move to rural areas and then expect that the manure pile next door wouldn’t smell, the farm equipment should have mufflers, that farm dogs don’t bark…. Rural zones are expected to have rural uses.”

Click for Jan Wondra’s complete article in the March 28th issue of the Mountain Mail.

Posted March 29,2017