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General Patton Wouldn’t Give Way at the Fences

Three long-time residents of Potomac, Maryland spoke recently to a standing-room-only crowd at a local restaurant about their town’s past. Two of the three speakers—Bob Hanson and Leonard Proctor—had hunted with the Potomac Hunt. Hanson related an amusing anecdote about a recalcitrant General George Patton.

“Patton was not a gentleman when it came to jumping his horse,” Said Hanson. “If a horse balks and refuses to jump, the rider is supposed to pull the horse to the side and let the others behind him go ahead and take the jump. However, Patton would try jumping his horse again and again, holding up the rest of the [field]. This made me really angry, and I wanted to tell him, but I held my tongue.”

The talks were part of a series of events sponsored by the Potomac Oak Shopping Center in an effort to strengthen the bonds of the community. For the complete article, click here.

Posted February 9, 2012