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Foxhunting Issue Erupts Again in Bucks County, PA

Jim and Judy Cox, a Warwick, Pennsylvania couple who live in the vicinity of Dark Hollow Park, are once again campaigning to ban foxhunting in the park. Four years ago the couple sued the Huntingdon Valley Hunt and huntsman Richard Harris, MFH, claiming that hounds knocked Judy Cox down while walking her dog and bit them both.

Foxhunting in the park was suspended briefly, then allowed to continue. The Coxes (Jim is a township supervisor) now claim that the hunt has not conformed to the terms of the 2012 agreement.

Supervisors Chairwoman Judith Algeo agrees with the Coxes, voicing her “concerns that the continuance of these fox hunts are a safety risk to the residents.” Town Manager Gail Weniger says the township is no longer “quite as rural as it used to be.”

The hunt has scheduled ten hunts in the 770-acre park and claims it has followed the rules.

Foxhunting permits are issued by the county Parks and Recreation Department. For more details, click for Justine McDaniel’s story in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Posted December 2, 2016