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Foxhunter Crushed in Automobile by Fallen Tree

Albert Carl Roeth III, a longtime member of the Fairfax Hunt (VA), was killed Tuesday, July 17, in Great Falls, Virginia, when a massive oak tree by the side of the road fell on his car.

The tree is estimated to be two hundred years old and to weigh forty tons. Arborists that have examined the tree claim it was obviously decayed in both the roots and canopy and was waiting to fall.

Joseph Keusch, ex-MFH of Fairfax and proprietor of Paper Chase Farm in Middleburg and his wife, author Jan Neuharth, were deeply saddened by the tragedy.

“Carl started riding later in life and got hooked on hunting,” said Keusch. “He had a real passion for the sport, worked tirelessly to improve his riding, and was always immaculately turned out. Carl was a friend to all and will be greatly missed.”

For more details, click to read Justin Jouvenal’s article in the Washington Post.

Posted July 22, 2012