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Two Families with Five Generations in the Genesee Valley Field

The Genesee Valley Hunt (NY) can boast of two families still hunting in the fifth generation. It’s no surprise that the Wadsworth family is one. After all, it was Major W. Austin Wadsworth who established the hunt in 1876. Three generations of the Wadsworth family are hunting today—Martha Wadsworth, MFH, Marion Thorne, MFH, and Piper Wadsworth—sister, step-daughter, and granddaughter of current MFH, Austin Wadsworth.

The Chanler family of Geneseo is the second to attain this venerable state with the introduction of nine-year-old Mary Chanler to the hunting field this season. According to Sally Fox’s article in the Livingston Daily News, Mary is the daughter of Andrew and Alison Chanler. Mary’s family has been hunting with Genesee Valley back to great-great-grandfather Winthrop Chanler, MFH in the 1920s.

I’ve been asking to hunt for years, said Mary!

Posted November 2, 2012