with Horse and Hound

Belle Meade Hunt a Feature Attraction for Georgia Tourism

McDuffie County, home to the Belle Meade Hunt in Thomson, is one of five northern counties in the Clark Hills Partnership of Georgia. The Partnership highlights attractions in each of the counties that tourists will enjoy, and Belle Meade’s famous Opening Meet is promoted as one of the offerings for McDuffie.

“The 46th Annual Blessing of Hounds and Tally-Ho wagon ride was held recently and it was a wonderful day,” wrote Editor Angela Gary of MainStreet Newspapers. “Riders in scarlet coats recreate the old English fox hunt.”

“Wagons are filled with people ready for adventure. Socializing is a big part of the festivities so everyone brings plenty of refreshments. We had our picnic baskets filled with chicken salad sandwiches and pecan bars from Chinaberry in Thomson and climbed in our wagons for the day’s hunt.

“We rode through the rolling countryside of McDuffie County as the foxes and hunters on their horses ran ahead of us. It was a great up close and personal view of this amazing event—certainly one of the most unique events you will attend.”

Posted January 24, 2012