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Andrews Bridge Litigation Resolved

The Masters of the Andrews Bridge Foxhounds—George Strawbridge Jr., Steve Harris, Betsy Harris, Cathy Huston, and Bill Kimmel—made public the following statement:

We are pleased to report that all litigation between the Cromptons, the Harrises, and the Andrews Bridge Foxhounds Inc. has been resolved. It was decided that in the best interest of our sport, the two Andrews Bridge hound packs should be reunited and again hunt as one unified pack in our territory.

Like everything else in life, the hunt has taken many detours in the past 102 years and we have not been the exception. A journey is not a single straight line, but rather a long up and down winding road.

Walter Jeffords Jr. loved the color of the black and tan hound which became his trademark signature when we were originally Mr. Jefford’s Hounds. Bob Crompton’s critical eye for breeding incredibly well built quality hunting hounds changed hound standards forever. Mr. Jefford’s Andrews Bridge Foxhounds became the pack that attentive Penn-Marydel breeders went to when they wished to improve their hound lines. The addition of our current Jt. MFH, George Strawbridge Jr., and his passion for preserving open space across our countryside, has protected thousands of acres for all to enjoy, not just foxhunters. None of this has occurred without great personal sacrifice, yet that is the first thing we tend to forget.

Big picture, we are so fortunate to be able to maintain our rich hunting heritage and have all the Andrews Bridge Foxhounds together again, hunting the same territory that bears our name. We are committed to bringing our community together, to being the best land stewards we can be, and to loving our pack of hunting hounds.

On behalf of all of our Joint Masters, we wish to thank our friends for all of your support and encouragement during our journey.

Posted August 22, 2019