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Alice Barnard: New Head of Countryside Alliance

Alice Barnard, 33, has taken over the reins of Britain’s Countryside Alliance. She is not only the first woman to lead the organization that boasts a membership of 100,000, but the youngest to do so.

In a recent interview, Barnard urged Prime Minister Cameron to make good on his promise to hold a free vote within this Parliament and before the next general election on the repeal of the despised 2004 Hunting Act.

“The Act just hasn’t worked,” she said. She went on to say that it wasn’t based on evidence, but rather on a class attack by those trying to punish the toffs. “But hunting has never been about that,” she said.

As we already noted in an earlier FHL article, former Prime Minister Tony Blair in his recent memoir expressed regret at having pushed for the passage of the Hunting Act during his term.

“Blair got it all wrong,” said Barnard, referring to Blair’s turn-about, “and it is just a shame that he didn’t have his Damascan moment at the right time.”

Barnard is a rider since childhood and a former Master of the Cambridge University Drag Hunt, a foot pack of bloodhounds. She gave up a successful and well-paid career in corporate sales to take over her new post.

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October 6, 2010