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The Fox that Collects Shoes

german fox hoards stolen shoes

We’ve all heard of certain ladies who collect more shoes than they could possibly wear, but foxes?

In a Berlin suburb in Germany recently, according to the BBC and Deutsche Welle, footwear was disappearing from homeowners’ yards—sometimes a single shoe, sometimes the pair. Residents were on alert to determine the culprit.

It was a fox, caught on camera with a pair of blue flip flops in its mouth, stealing quietly across the cobblestones. Christian Meyer, the photographer, discovered the stash of more than 100 shoes: slippers, sandals, running shoes…. But Meyer’s missing shoes were not among them. Which goes to prove that even animals won’t keep all their eggs in one basket.

Posted August 10, 2020

The story was brought to us by our Minneapolis correspondent, Karin Winegar.