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Roading for the 116th Season


116th Year Millbrook Hunt Roading Erin McKenney Huntsman Alex Price First WhipperIn July 1 Photo by Bill RichardsMillbrook Hunt’s 116th First Roading of the new season. Erin McKenney, Huntsman, and  Alex Price, First Whipper-In. Photo by Bill Richards.

The first week of July was Millbrook Hunt’s first day of roading hounds.  This is Millbrook Hunt’s 116th season, which is just amazing.

Millbrook Hunt’s huntsman, Erin McKinney, and First Whipper-In, Alex Price, are all smiles with a great-looking pack in an orderly line.  Bill Richards took this photo by the airstrip in Millbrook, New York.


Originally published on July 14, 2023.