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Mark Beecher: From Ireland to the USA

 Mark Beecher riding the winner Professor Maxwell of the Maryland Hunt Cup without stirrups over 13th Fence which is 4 foot 9 inches Mark Beecher riding Professor Maxwell, winners of the 2013 Maryland Hunt Cup   /  Noel Mullins photo

It’s always fascinating to talk with somebody successful in one equestrian discipline, challenges himself in another, changes continents, and proves immensely successful again. Now Mark Beecher has decided to step back from competitive riding and take up training.

I talked with Mark at his present home in Maryland in the USA. He is from a hunting and showjumping background. I was aware of some of his successes in the States, having seen him race riding, but I didn’t realise the enormity of what he has achieved in just eight years as a jockey in the USA. Surely, hunting and show jumping have contributed to that success.

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