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Historic Hunt Coat Acquired by the Chevy Chase Club


Visiting Masters and guest speaker flank General Nulsen's Chevy Chase Hunt coat. (l-r) Malcolm Matheson, MFH, Orange County Hunt (VA); Anne McIntosh, MFH, Blue Ridge Hunt (VA); Norman Fine, Vickie and Skip Crawford, MFHs, Potomac Hunt (MD)

The Chevy Chase Club in Maryland, the surviving organization of the Chevy Chase Hunt Club, acquired a valuable historical artifact on Wednesday, November 17, when a scarlet hunt coat and canary vest belonging to Brigadier General Charles K. Nulsen was donated to the Club by Charles K. Nulsen III. The coat and vest bear the buttons of the Chevy Chase Hunt and have been hanging in a New Hampshire home belonging to the family for nearly a century.

The Chevy Chase Hunt was active from 1892 to 1916. It was a highly respected hunt of its time, but short-lived because the Master, Clarence Moore, perished on the Titanic in 1912.

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