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How to Photograph Foxhounds

canadian17.toronto north yorks blue ridge wentworthThe conformation of Toronto and North York's Blue Ridge Wentworth 2015, Grand Champion Foxhound at the 2017 Canadian Foxhound Show, is clearly seen in this well-posed photograph. / Denya Massey photo

Foxhounds to be entered in a virtual hound show should be photographed so their conformation is clearly visible to the judges in the photos. Anything less will reduce or negate the judge's ability to accurately assess the qualities of your hound. Masters and huntsmen entering hounds in a virtual hound show might want to remind their photographers of the responsibility of their mission. A classical portrait of the hound is Job-1.

While the photographer will be photographing the hound from five angles for virtual judging, the side views profiles convey the most information about structure and conformation and are discussed in detail here. That discussion will be somewhat applicable to the other three views as appropriate. What follows are six-steps to achieve the profile images the judges will need to see.

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