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Your Hunt’s Page: A New Feature on FHL!

NormanI’m excited to announce a new feature on Foxhunting Life. If you go to the Horse and Hound drop-down menu (above) and click on Hunt Club Pages, you will land on a new page that lists all the North American hunts. (We plan to add English and Irish hunts as well.)

Each hunt name is a clickable link. Click on any one, and every article published on Foxhunting Life about or referring to that hunt will be retrieved in chronological order, most recent first.

Click on your hunt. What you see is FHL’s history of what’s been happening there. Click on another hunt and read what they’ve accomplished at the hound shows and in the hunting field. Read about personalities, staff changes, new Masters and more.

Now here’s the best part. Once again go to the Horse and Hound drop-down menu and this time click on How to Submit. You will see a form through which you can upload photos, stories, and articles. These will be added to your hunt club’s pages. We invite you to send a short history of your hunt, describe your hounds, your hunting country, and anything else a potential visitor or capper might be interested in knowing.

Clicking on most hunts will turn up one or more articles. However, if no articles are retrieved about your hunt, well…how about communicating with us? Use the How to Submit link to send a history of your hunt, a hunt report, a news story about a new Master or staff member, a top performing foxhound, a photograph or two.

This is your page on Foxhunting Life!

Posted July 9, 2011