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Travels with Betsy

Our photojournalist friend Betsy Parker has set out on a cross-country horse-hauling journey with truck, trailer, two horses, her friend Beth, and Beth’s seven-year-old son John. Betsy is also carrying her laptop and camera and sending a daily journal of her experiences—a discourse that flies from her keystrokes tap-tapped in the harsh light of morning or the dead of night, whenever the day’s events are ready to be put to bed.

Most foxhunters trailer their horses to hunt meets and competitions without thinking much about it, but hauling cross-country has to be epic. Since Betsy’s writing talent allows her to switch from pure reportage to poetic musing to humor, effortlessly, from paragraph to paragraph, we couldn’t resist taking the journey with her and experiencing vicariously the good, the bad, and the ugly happenings as our intrepid trio meets and deals with them.

Here is the second installment. Previous accounts are available for access from the Horse and Hound drop-down menu above. Click on Travel.
August 1, 2010