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The Legitimate Sport of Drag Hunting

norman.karen.farnleyKaren L. Myers photoThe sport of drag hunting started as a competitive race in early seventeenth century England, developed into a fast dash over intimidating fences in early twentieth century North America, and evolved in more recent years into an artistic attempt to simulate live hunting.

Since foxhound packs that run a drag scent—either exclusively or periodically—account for about seventeen percent of all MFHA-Registered hunts in North America, we’re devoting much of this issue to a comprehensive view of the sport and its history, with observations, comments, and recommendations from some of today’s best practitioners.

Here’s a list of packs in North America that follow the drag exclusively:
Aiken Hounds (SC)
Fraser Valley Hunt (BC)
Green Mountain Hounds (VT)
Guilford Hounds (NH)
Hidden Ridge Hounds (NY)
Long Lake Hounds (MN)
Myopia Hunt (MA)
Norfolk Hunt (MA)
Old North Bridge Hounds (MA)
Ottawa Valley Hunt (ON)
Sewickley Hunt (PA)
Smithtown Hunt (NY)
Spring Valley Hounds (NJ)
Traders Point Hunt (IN)
Wayne-Dupage Hunt (IL)
Wentworth Hunt (NH)
Woodbrook Hunt (WA)

These hunts follow both live and drag:
Annapolis Valley Hunt (NS)
Knoxville Hunt (WY)
Lake of Two Mountains Hunt (ON)
Limestone Creek Hunt (NY)
Lonesome Palm Hounds (FL)
Longacre Hunt (TX)
Middleton Place Hounds (SC)
Misty Morning Hounds (FL)
Palm Beach Hounds (FL)
Saxonburg Hunt (PA))
Wellington Waterloo Hunt (ON)

Posted January 15, 2014