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Regional Correspondents Are Bringing More News

NormanIn a recent blog I discussed our intention to expand coverage across the foxhunting world by establishing a network of regional correspondents. We want to publish more news about people and hunts—new Masters, changes in hunt staff, marriages, births, deaths, illnesses—indeed any news that others in our fraternity of foxhunters would want to know.

We want news not only about Masters and staff, but about foxhunters’ accomplishments and milestones as well. Did a foxhunter’s horse win the Kentucky Derby or the Grand National? Was a foxhunter named Horseman of the Year? Win a Pulitzer Prize? Write a best-selling book?

So far, six regional correspondents are in place: Ian Anderson, ex-MFH of the Ashford Valley Hounds (UK); Denya Massey Clarke (ON); Noel Mullins, County Dublin, Ireland; C. Thompson Pardoe, MFH of the Goshen Hunt (MD); Becky Thayer (SC); and Martha Woodham (GA). We’re thrilled to have each of these talented individuals feeding current news from their regions to readers around the foxhunting world through Foxhunting Life.

Tom Pardoe kicked off the program with his report on huntsman Allen Forney’s seventieth birthday party celebration at the Potomac Hunt, and Martha Woodham sent the information we needed to post the news of Ben Hardaway’s accident and hospitalization.

We expect to add more correspondents to our list, and will be happy to hear from anyone interested in participating. Correspondents may write the stories themselves or simply send the facts for us to write. Our goal is to keep FHL readers informed and current about what’s happening in the world of foxhunting.

Posted April 16, 2011