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From Horses to Hounds: Following the Seasons

mhc13Professor Maxwell lands cleanly at fence 3 of the Maryland Hunt Cup. / Douglas Lees photo

The hunt point-to-points are over, and Foxhunting Life ends its season’s coverage with a report on the Maryland Hunt Cup. We report on these races because they are foxhunting-related; amateur riders compete, and many of these racehorses also serve as field hunters. And what field hunters they are! Click to read Anne Hambleton’s article, “Thoroughbreds: Kings of the Hunting Field.”

With the racing and Thoroughbred journals now covering the sanctioned races, FHL switches its focus from horses to hounds. We start our hound show reports with the Southern Hound Show, first of the season. We’ll report on the Southwestern Hound Show next week. Follow our coverage; learn more about hounds. We generally focus on the grand champion of show, and we always find a good story to tell!

Posted May 4, 2013