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Covertside: The Complete Set

norman.karen.farnleyKaren Myers photoA private party, unrelated to Foxhunting Life, has contacted us to offer for sale a complete set of Covertside publications starting with the very first—a four-page newsletter dated May 1994—up to the Spring, 2013 issue. At four issues a year (just three the first year), that computes to seventy-six issues. We will happily put any interested party in touch with the seller.

The set comprises a treasure trove of foxhunting knowledge, information, and entertainment. Many of the most knowledgeable leaders of our sport contributed their wisdom to Covertside’s pages on topics of their specialties: hound breeding, hunting hounds in the field, judging hounds, whipping-in, leading the field; art, literature, and history. World-class writers, artists, and photographers enhanced the content.

By the end of 2004, Covertside had grown to a twenty-four page newsletter, printed in four-color process. The publication made its first appearance as a full-color magazine with the March 2005 issue, after which it was able to showcase foxhunting’s gorgeous imagery as well as the written word.

Interested parties may contact Foxhunting Life, and we will put you in touch with the seller. FHL might even be able to persuade the original editor to inscribe the inaugural issue, if the buyer so wishes!

Posted May 20, 2013