with Horse and Hound

Beep-Beep…Attempting to Re-Establish Connection…


On Saturday of Opening Meet—traditionally the last Saturday in October for my hunt—the connection between me and you through Foxhunting Life was temporarily interrupted. Instead of coming home with hounds as I had planned, I detoured to the hospital. The good news is that, despite a fractured sacrum, everything is stable, and no surgery is necessary.

I am currently in rehab and making progress. I want to thank all who have called, emailed, and posted good wishes on Facebook. My heart is warmed by your messages.

Despite the week’s hiccup in FHL‘s editorial schedule—now mostly behind us—we expect to maintain our usual twice-monthly e-mailings of FHL WEEK. My goal is to make this temporary stutter as brief as possible—perhaps even unnoticed by most of you!

Posted November 5, 2014