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Accusations Against UK Hunt Devastating

nodh.klmKaren L. Meyers photoIf the accusations are proven in court, the South Herefordshire Foxhounds, established in 1869, could be forced to dissolve—their hunting country redistributed to neighboring hunts. If the accusations are proven, a few misguided outlaws may have killed any chance of reversing Britain’s Hunting Act, certainly for the near future. If the accusations are proven, all foxhunting is tarnished.

Video footage taken secretly by anti-hunting activists purports to show two live fox cubs placed into the kennels with foxhounds, later removed lifeless, the carcasses placed in a dumpster from which they were later recovered and photographed by the activists.

If true, this wouldn’t even contravene the Hunting Act of 2004. It would be a breach of Britain’s Animal Welfare Act. It would also breach accepted hunting practices for the past century or more. All as a new Conservative-led government and the Countryside Alliance would like to convince the British populace that foxhunters can police themselves!

The South Herefordshire hunt has suspended all salaried staff. The foxhounds are being cared for by other hunts. Three individuals, two men and one woman, have been questioned by police and released on bail. The Masters of Foxhounds Association (UK) has initiated its own independent investigation to be chaired by a former Appeals Court Judge. And, to save any innocents from harrassment, Baily’s Hunting Directory has expunged the South Herefordshire listing from it’s website pending the outcome of the criminal trial.

As the Baily’s editor says, “You could not make this up.”

Baily’s editor continues, “If the allegations meet the burden required for criminal proof and individuals are charged and convicted then we would support the full weight of the law being applied to anyone found guilty. This sort of alleged activity has absolutely no excuse and must be excised from the world of hunting with hounds, it was not condoned in the 18th or 19th century and must not be brushed under the carpet today. If that means that the South Herefordshire are disbanded and the country taken away then despite individual allegiances this is an action that MUST be supported by all that want hunting to continue.”

A statement released by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) says, “We hope those administering the law, and the people of the UK, accept once and for all that there is no justification for the cruelty that seeps through every aspect of fox hunting.”

How can foxhunters do this to themselves? And to their fellow foxhunters?

Posted July 24, 2016