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Foxhunting Life Has a New Look!

nf.manny.maisanoJoanne Maisano photoTa…dah! A new look for Foxhunting Life and two new subscription plans!

We’ve migrated to an up-to-date version of our platform that offers improved security and better viewing on personal devices. Also, we are introducing new subscription options.

Remember when we polled readers on whether or not PDF files of our entire e-magazine would be of interest to some of you? We were encouraged by your answers, so included with this issue of FHL WEEK we have attached a printable PDF file containing all the articles in their entirety. It’s a sample of what you get with either of our two new subscription offerings: a Printable PDF Subscription or an upgrade to the Combination Electronic/PDF Subscription.

We now offer three annual subscription plans: (1) the same Electronic Subscription that we have been offering since we started, (2) a new Printable PDF Subscription in which subscribers receive via email a PDF file of the entire e-magazine, FHL WEEK, twice a month, which they can print out in its entirety (no readmore links!), and (3) a Combination Electronic/PDF Subscription. Here’s how the new subscription plans will work:

$40.00 per year ($20.00 for juniors and professional hunt staff)

You get (as before):
1. Full access to the Foxhunting Life website (www.foxhuntinglife.com) plus our e-magazine, FHL WEEK, via email, twice a month.

2. Access to the complete text and photos of every article, including search capability to the article archives in the website.

3. Ten percent discount on everything in the Foxhunting Life Shop: Books, Calendars, Blue Birdseye Stock Ties, CDs, and DVDs.

4. Access to all the resources of the Foxhunting Life website: Free Classified Ad placement; Travel and Stabling Directory; guidelines to correct attire, tack, appointments, and hunting etiquette; video demonstration of the calls on the horn; photo galleries; hunt breakfast recipes collection, and much more.

$40.00 per year ($20.00 for juniors and professional hunt staff)

For those who want to read from the printed page only, you get:
1. A printable PDF file, via email, of every issue of our twice-monthly e-magazine, FHL WEEK. Every article in it’s entirety. No readmore links to click, no login process to complete.

2. Print it out at home and read every issue in the comfort of your favorite armchair. May be punched and collected in a binder.

$60.00 per year ($30.00 for juniors and professional hunt staff)

You get all of the  above—everything in both plans.

Why and How
With these choices, we hope to satisfy (1) those current subscribers who have been and continue to be happy with an all-electronic website and publication; (2) those non-paying subscribers to the free, abbreviated version of FHL WEEK who prefer to read paper magazines; and (3) those current electronic subscribers who would also like the option to print out our twice-monthly e-magazine, FHL WEEK. These three subscription choices are available to you when you click on any of the “Subscribe” links.

Current subscribers may change or upgrade their subscription at any time. All changed or upgraded subscriptions will begin a new one-year period, and the subscription price will be automatically reduced to fully credit the unused portion of the active subscription.

We hope you will like our “new look” and that our new website platform and software will work smoothly and easily for you. We are holding our breath, and our fingers are crossed! Be sure to contact us if you have any problem or question in dealing with the changes.

Posted October 8, 2015