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Video by Pat Cooney

Crossing Greenwood: The View through the Helmet-Cam

Here’s another Video Hunt Report by foxhunter/steeplechase trainer Pat Cooney. The Blue Ridge hounds are heard early on, but the field soon finds itself playing catch-up, and the gallop over open country taking the coops as they come make this a fun video. We invite action videos from your hunt! Posted January 18, 2012... This content is for subscribers only.Log In Join Now
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Blue Ridge Hunt through a Helmet-Cam

Here’s FHL’s first Video Hunt Report! We hope more hunts will send us their action videos. Cameraman Pat Cooney is in good position to catch hounds as they find and open. Blue Ridge huntsman Dennis Downing blows Gone Away and the chase begins. Galloping across the first field, Downing views his fox away and lifts his cap. When hounds check in a small covert, Downing patiently gives them a chance to recover the line on their own. After a tentative cry or two, with hounds still at a loss, Downing slowly walks toward the pack to nudge them forward. Although the short film clip ends here due to low batteries, the pack did in fact recover the line and hunted on. Foxhunting Life has arranged with the Academy of Motion Pictures to add a new category to this year’s Academy Awards—Best Foxhunting Cinematography. Pat Cooney is the only nomination thus far, but he needs competition!... This content is for subscribers only.Log In Join Now
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