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Colleen Wilson


Starting Young at Green Creek

carolina1Carolina Foster at the 2015 Carolinas Hound Show / Anne Shue photoWith a bit of instruction from Tot Goodwin, MFH and huntsman of the Green Creek Hounds (SC), two-year-old Carolina Foster showed Green Creek Rita 2007 in the Junior Handler class with confidence beyond her years. Carolina’s pal, Sophie Martin, an older woman of five, also showed in the class. Carolina’s mother Anne Shue and Sophie’s mother Shanna Mauldin both whip-in to Tot. The two wee ladies appear to be following in their mothers’ irons. We hope so!

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tot goodwin.olsen

Consensus at Green Creek: A Barnburner!

tot goodwin.olsenHuntsman Tot Goodwin and the Green Creek Hounds / Erik Olsen photo

It’s always fun to hear a day’s hunting described by different members of the hunt. Years ago I would ask Mrs. A how the day had been, and she would assure me, “They ran and screamed all day.” When Mr. B was queried, he said, “They had a bit of a flurry.” When Mr. C was asked the same question, “They didn’t do a thing.” This past Thursday, however, everyone at Green Creek Hounds (Carolinas) agreed it was a barnburner!

Hounds met at Coxe Road where a few of the young entry thought the deer they saw were worth a go. Puppies were reprimanded, and they hacked obediently through the woods to East Green Creek Road. It was a cool, misty morning with great scenting conditions. This is known as coyote country. Tot sent the pack into covert and allowed them to trail for ten or fifteen minutes, and then they opened. All hounds were on (thirty couple), and the cry was ear-splitting.

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