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Allison Howell

Hounds in row between corn with horses and riders following

Kansas Hunt Week

September 25-30, 2023
Imagine riding in the vast prairie lands of the Flint Hills where you can see for miles, watching hounds go flat out in full cry after a coyote. It’s an absolute adrenaline rush. Add to the prairie dry conditions, a steady breeze, a blazing sun, colorful wildflowers, migrating Monarch butterflies, and large flying grasshoppers with a few discernable landmarks to guide you. And your favorite foxhunting friends from sixteen different hunts, and you have the best week ever!
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Allison H IMG 3354

An Equestrian Photographer’s Advice for Better Foxhunting Images

Allison Howell, DVM, is a member of the Belle Meade Hunt in Georgia, and she is also a great photographer.  She has written down some helpful hints on getting superior photos from the hunt field.

Allison H IMG 3354Belle Meade Hunt (GA). Photo by Allison Howell Images

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