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The Outside of a Horse

Book Review by FHL

price book cover.smallAshmere Books, 2020, Steven D. Price, cover illustration by Ronnie Mutch, illustrated, color, softcover, 215 pages, $19.95. Click to purchase.

Writer, rider, raconteur Steven D. Price and I were making the long walk from an overflowing General Parking area to the Grand Prix jumper ring at the Upperville Colt and Pony Show.

We trudged slowly under a glaring mid-day sun on this June day. Steve was winding up a story—one from his trove of equestrian assignments during his days in the New York publishing business. Over those years he had the opportunity to meet, traveled with, and even ride with numerous world-famous equestrian personalities. This story was hilarious. He finished just as we set up our folding chairs on the hillside, and I blurted a suggestion that, as it turned out, he had heard before.

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