with Horse and Hound

The Foxhunter’s Guide to Life and Love

Review by Lori Brunnen

foxhuntersguide.andersonThe Foxhunter’s Guide to Life & Love by J. Harris Anderson, Blue Cardinal Press, Virginia, 2017, 216 pages, $16.95 (paperback) or $7.99 (e-book). Available from Amazon, tack shops, and booksellers.“Thumper” Billington IV, MFH of John Anderson’s fictional Montfair Hunt in Virginia, is back. This time we find Thumper rebounding from a failed impetuous marriage to a much younger woman, and embarking on a tentative and tender new romance. Thumper traverses the difficult geography of romance with somewhat more difficulty than he does the geography of the hunting field. Sometimes at a gallop, sometimes finding his progress thwarted by an unseen hazard, Thumper uses seven of his “Foxhunter’s Secrets” to navigate beyond the hunt field to a fulfilling relationship. Because, as difficult to accept as it is sometimes, there is life beyond hunting. Really.

Each of the seven secrets are presented by way of the story and summed up with a take-home tip. This “Tally-Ho Tip” is a tongue-in-cheek take-away lesson for those that need things short and sweet. In other words---men.

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