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Horse Tales and Hunt Talk


Horse Tales and Hunt Talk: The Life and Times of 31 Equestrians in Ireland, America, France and Australia, Noel Mullins, NDM Publications, Ireland, 2006, Hard Cover, 171 pages, 37 Euros, www.noelmullins.com. See special Christmas offer at end of article.

Where else but in the hunting fields of Ireland could you have found such larger-than-life and totally disparate characters as Lady Molly Cusack-Smith, Elsie Morgan, American John Huston, and Thady Ryan? Sadly, those four have passed on, but others---Michael Dempsey, Willie Leahy, and Aidan O’Connell---wear big shoes as well and are very much with us still! Also included in this delightful book of personality profiles are North America’s Nancy Penn-Smith Hannum and a smattering of French and Australian characters whom you should also meet.

Photo-journalist Noel Mullins is a regular contributor to The Irish Field, and his work has also been published in Horse and Hound, Baily’s, Hunting and Country Illustrated in England, and The Chronicle of the Horse and Foxhunting Life in the U.S.

"I started hunting with the Galway Blazers with Michael Dempsey when I was eight years old in 1952 on the milkman’s pony, Teapot, but only after I helped him on his delivery rounds!" recalls Mullins.

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