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For access to all the content on Foxhunting Life and to the full text of all the articles in our twice-monthly e-magazine, FHL WEEK, please choose one of the three subscription plans below by clicking on the appropriate button: Regular, Junior, or Professional Hunt Staff.


$40.00 per year ($20.00 for juniors and professional hunt staff)

You get:

  1. Full access to the Foxhunting Life website (www.foxhuntinglife.com) plus our e-magazine, FHL WEEK, in your mailbox, twice a month.
  2. Complete text and photos of every article, including search capability to the article archives in the website.
  3. Ten percent discount on everything in the Foxhunting Life Shop: Books, Calendars, Blue Birdseye Stock Ties, CDs, and DVDs.
  4. Access to all the resources of the Foxhunting Life website: Free Classified Ad placement; Travel and Stabling Directory; guidelines to correct attire, tack, appointments, and hunting etiquette; video demonstration of the calls on the horn; photo galleries; hunt breakfast recipes collection; and much more.

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$40.00 per year ($20.00 for juniors and professional hunt staff)

You get:

  1. A printable PDF file, via email, of every issue of our twice-monthly e-magazine, FHL WEEK. Every article in it’s entirety.
  2. No readmore links to click, no login process to complete.
  3. Read it on your screen or print it out and read every issue in the comfort of your favorite armchair.
  4. May be punched for collection in a three-ring binder.

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$60.00 per year ($30.00 for juniors and professional hunt staff)

You get:

  1. All the above: Plans 1 and 2 combined.

Regular Subscription    Junior Subscription   Professional Hunt Staff Subscription

As always, if you’re not completely satisfied with your subscription plan, you may cancel at any time within ninety days for a full refund. This is our guarantee that Foxhunting Life will be a valuable part of your foxhunting life with horse and hound.

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