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Southern California Flower Bloom

The third weekend of May this year, the Santa Fe West Hills Hounds, based in Southern California, hosted a trail ride to enjoy the flower blooms at the historic Garner Ranch in Idyllwild, outside of Palm Springs. This working cattle ranch has been a fixture for the hunt for a long time. It has also been a film location for several Hollywood B-Westerns and the television series “Bonanza”. Many of the opening credits scenes for “Bonanza” (1959 – 1973) and its episode “The Grand Swing” was filmed on the ranch.
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British Trail Hunting Explained

The British Hound Sports Association put out an informational video explaining Trail Hunting in response to the Labour Party announcing their intention to follow Scotland in banning trail hunting.
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Coyote Serenades in the High Desert

Paulette Schneider, Senior MFH to the new hunt Sierra Nevada Hounds, saw this coyote in early April having a loud discussion with the hounds just outside the newly built kennels (about 30 minutes north of downtown Reno). The elevation is almost 6,000 feet. Turn your volume up to hear the beautiful voice of this coyote. Author Gretchen Pelham View all posts... This content is for subscribers only.Log In Join Now
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A Kiwi Hunting Adventure

Kristy Lathrop has been a member of the Fort Leavenworth Hunt in Kansas since she was a junior, where she also whipped-in. Her whole immediate family has colors with Fort Leavenworth, and her mother, Gayle Rue, is an ex-MFH. Last season Kristy helped design an educational platform for her hunt’s juniors to be successful for the junior field hunter championships, and it was impressive.
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Photography I: Shooting Foxhounds at the Hound Show

This may come as a surprise to new hound show photographers, but... ...your primary purpose at the hound show is to produce hound portraits that clearly display the conformation of those hounds recognized by the judges as superior examples of the breed.
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Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds 2024 Vixen Hunt

On International Women’s Day, Wagner’s “Flight of the Valkyries” played from a boombox at the meet as the hounds lead the hunt away to start the day. Jumping four-plank fences as they came, led Olympian Boyd Martin, the only man out that day, over 120 women enjoyed a great day in timber country putting three foxes to ground.
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Charles William Lewis, Sr., 1940-2024

I was saddened to hear about the passing of Charlie Lewis, the larger-than-life Master of Belle Meade Hunt.  My first memory of Charlie was about eight years ago when Tennessee Valley had its first joint meet with Belle Meade. At the meet, during announcements, Charlie invited us all to ride up front with him but cautioned us to be careful.  He said that a group from Virginia had come down the month before and four of them fell off on the first day.  He smiled and said in that slow, deep Geogia drawl, “We haven’t found those ladies yet, so keep your eyes open for ‘em!”
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Better Living Through Titanium Road Trip, Part Five

In February 2024 I decided to take a road trip to hunt my way across the US and back after finally being cleared to ride again after a massive back surgery. After hunting in New Mexico, Georgia, and South Carolina, Virginia was my next stop.
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Horses racing on turf with spectators behind a white fence and an outrider standing nearby

Outrider Seminar

In late February of 2024, the Foxfield Races Office in Charlottesville, Virginia held a seminar for the outriders of the local steeplechases and point-to-points.
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