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Harry Miliner, Former Field Master, Loudoun West

milner.harry.lizcallarLiz Callar photo

Harry Miliner of the Loudoun West Hunt (VA) has made his final point and now resides in perhaps a better place. Harry finally succumbed to cancer on July 21, 2011.

Harry came to hunting a bit later than many, not born of a hunting family (much like myself), but when he took up the sport he did so with a passion and conviction that revealed his true sportsman’s heart. Moving from his Maryland home to Northern Virginia where he was convinced the hunting was the best in the world (one of the few points on which we disagreed, as gentlemen will), Harry and his wife Dixie soon found a second home. With mentoring hunting friends such as Dr. Joe Rogers and Donna Rogers, MFHs along with Sherman Haight, ex-MFH and Peggy Haight, they quickly settled in and became an integral part of the Loudoun West hunting fabric. Harry was ultimately recognized as a more than competent Field Master for Loudoun West.

No one got more pure joy from foxhunting than Harry. He was a big man with a huge heart, and as a Field Master, he was warm and welcoming. He fully ascribed to John Jorrock’s old sentiment, “Tell me a man’s a foxhunter, and I loves him at once”!

Suffice it to be said by a very old friend, “Harry, you will truly be missed.”

Posted July 25, 2011